About MPC Autofill

MPC Autofill is an open source project licensed under the GNU General Public License 3 — meaning it is free to use, modify, and distribute. Read the license (linked) for more detail.

This project is only possible because of the code contributions of the following people (thanks to contrib.rocks for the graphic!):


Custom card images displayed on MPC Autofill are subject to the license terms under which they were uploaded to their hosts. MPC Autofill is not responsible for the content of user-uploaded images.

MPC Autofill does not condone or support the resale (or other commercial use) of cards printed with this website in any way. As per MakePlayingCards.com's user agreement, users acknowledge that they "...own all copyrights for [card images used in orders] or have full authorization to use them."

MPC Autofill is not affiliated with, produced by, or endorsed by MakePlayingCards.com or any other commercial entities.

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 11th April, 2023

MPC Autofill collects site usage data through Google Analytics via cookies. Understanding how users interact with the site allows me to continue to improve the site to the best of my ability. Users are presented with the option to opt-out of having their data collected by Google Analytics.

We use local storage to remember your search settings and your server configuration, which is considered core site functionality and cannot be disabled.

MPC Autofill will never share information collected by Google Analytics with third parties.

Information collected by Google Analytics includes the following items. Note: this is not an exhaustive list, but captures the motivation for implementing Google Analytics:

  • Data on how many users interact with the site (real-time and historical),
  • Statistics on how users interact with the site — session duration, bounce rate, page views, pages per session, sessions per user,
  • How users discover the site — organic search (including search keywords), direct by URL, referral, etc.,
  • Audience demographics — the countries and cities my users hail from, and the languages they speak,
  • The platforms/technology through which users interact with the site,
  • Average site usage across times of day and days of the week, allowing me to schedule site maintenance more effectively.

MPC Autofill's usage of Google Analytics does not include the usage of Google Adwords or other advertising features.

You can find more information on Google's privacy policy here. Google also provides a browser extension to disable Google Analytics, which you can find here.